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Simplicity and safety

Because a snow-covered section of road cannot be the cause of lost time, BEKA has invented and manufactured a fully automatic snow chain system. As you approach a difficult section, a simple push of a button on the dashboard is sufficient to send the chains into action. Everything happens automatically, with no need to stop or get out of the vehicle. The system provides sufficient additional adhesion to continue the journey in total safety. Once the obstacle has been overcome, the same simple procedure returns the chains to their initial position. They are then ready to be used the next time.

Our automatic snow chain system can be adapted to most vehicles, whether it's a small delivery van, a utility vehicle weighing more than 2.5 tons or a low-floor bus.
More than 2000 working vehicles have now been fitted with the BEKA snow chain system: Post buses, public transport vehicles in the cities of Berne, Fribourg, Lausanne, la Chaux-de-Fonds, Saint-Gallen, fire services in the cities of Montreux, Yverdon, Neuchâtel and Zug and companies, including Migros and Shell Switzerland.

The composition of our automatic snow chain system, an aluminium and stainless steel alloy, gives them an exceptionally long life. The two-phase mechanism is fully pneumatic gives a guarantee of performance reliability that meets every test. It is also very low-maintenance.

Your advantages

  • Cost effectiveness and user-friendliness
  • Increased safety
  • Better traction on snow and ice
  • Low weight

    Traditional snow chains

    We also distribute traditional fast-fit snow chains

  • Snow chains
    Because a snow-covered section of road cannot be the cause of lost time...

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